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Dear Heart

Thank you for being open to the changes that God needed to make, to reshape you back to the original design He intended for you. He wanted your whole heart, and you have understood what it means to share it completely with Him … in ways you never thought possible or knew you needed to do. It takes a lot of courage and trust to be seen fully, to embrace what is seen, and to release the things you thought you needed but do not serve you, allowing yourself to be freed.

No more wandering. You gladly moved to the other side — the other side where fear and doubt still exist in the atmosphere. But you do what you must not to live from there. You are at the place where you look to the Creator for correction, protection, and provision, and that sounds like an easy switch: 1, 2, 3. But it wasn’t. It required trust that had to be mined from all those hard places that encased you and grew harder and harder by the day. One of the reasons that made it so hard was you were unaware of the shell that was thickening. Now you know. Awareness is golden.


It takes a lot to live from the truest, most vulnerable part of you. You had the courage to change and to show up differently amongst your family and friends. You weren’t used to pioneering certain ground; you are always content with just helping, just assisting. Now you are taking the lead in your own life. This has not been the easiest thing to do. You have lost people, relationships have changed, you keep changing, you’ve been misunderstood and at times sad, depressed even, but you have had to learn to be okay with this, and to mourn and heal over and over again. You are doing it. Take a moment to bask in how you feel. Feels good, doesn’t it?


You are learning to live like you know that you know that you are made in His likeness. “Created in the image of God” has taken on a deeper understanding and meaning. We all look like Him when we move from our higher selves, embodying His nature.


Your energy is aligned and will just keep aligning with truth. You understand that even if you do not utter one word, your spirit speaks volumes; words have become more insignificant than you ever thought they would. It’s how you put love into action that’s important.


The road to live life — in the fullness of connection to His power and guidance — has not been easy, and yet here you are, showing up strong. Even on your weak days you are strong. This walk will continue to unfold and evolve you deeper into relationship with Him. Every day feels like a different experience of Him at this stage. Man, it’s amazing.


You’ve had moments when you felt you just could not go on, but you did. You fought back all the things inside of you that were telling you to stop pressing on, and you kept moving. It’s normal to want to give up. You are human. A lot of times we humans forget we are just that, and we judge and criticize the smallest of mistakes. But you learned to stop condemning you. You saw you were living according to the rules of darkness when you condemned and judged yourself so harshly. You started taking all your needs, all your mistakes — those times when you felt you got off track — and all your remorse to the high place to be washed in light, and you began to see the purpose in it all. Your sight has moved from Hindsight to Insight and you are learning to foresee what God is doing, which is making you even more patient and trusting.


Your faith has been tested for endurance and for your ability and willingness to be trusted. You desired to be stronger in God: tightly connected. You opened your whole heart. Now you understand when your grandmother would utter, “Have your way, Lord.” Did you ever think you could learn to trust like that?! Beautiful, isn’t it? You know His love for you is certain and sure. It’s no longer a question that wakes you in the middle of the night: “Am I loved?” You know you are. You are sure of it.

All the things that blocked you from experiencing the love of God, you wanted to see and release. You no longer care about how you may look to others by being forgiving, no matter the level of hurt or pain they have caused. You realize it isn’t about them. It’s about you. And yes, this is often said, but you FEEL what this means. It has be


3:00 PM

How I Grew Today: I wrote a letter to my heart today. It was time to reflect and see just how far I’ve come, and to encourage myself to keep going, keep growing.

come your new normal to be free and live life at the highest vibration, with your energy clean and uncontaminated by offense, unforgiveness, grudges, jealousy, envy — all the things that are dark.

You see the detriment of your indecisiveness brought on by your lack of trust and belief in who you are, and how linked that is to your ability to ask in faith, to join in agreement with God for the desires of your heart. You used to ask and doubt; now you ask and you believe. And even if/when doubt creeps in, you now see it as an offering. Offering you the ability to know where your faith is weakened and unstable.

You have become clear with yourself and others. You move in Divine authority. You have stopped seeing yourself as inferior, stopped telling people what they want to hear at the cost of betraying your own heart because you don’t feel “good enough” and don’t want to be rejected or feel unloved.

You move in truth. You know you are loved. You fought to believe in you, to be honest and real with yourself. You may inspire others to believe in themselves, too.

You learned not to look for yourself in things that have faded (past), or in things projected (future). But instead, to rest your gaze upon the present. Here is where the answers are not hidden. They are fully in view.

You have committed to align your will to the will of the Creator and be an example of light, acceptance, truth, compassion, joy, happiness, forgiveness and love, just like Jesus.

You are walking the way of a Lightworker in its truest, most demystified way. Humanly divine.

This is How I Grew Today; may this letter to my own heart inspire you in some way. May it strengthen you today.

Words by Marquita Moore

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