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Author, cooking/culinary enthusiast, and inspirational conversationalist Marquita Moore is the founder of the Inspirational Lifestyle Brand How I Grew Today. 


Since 2013, How I Grew Today has continued to grow into an online destination and community that encourages self-reflection, self-love, healing, spiritual growth, and sharing the paths we take so that we can serve others.  


Marquita's love for all things food started when she was a little girl in Alabama.  The kitchen and cooking were a safe, creative space for connection, where all things but love disappeared.  

“Shopping for the food, the preparation, the conversations, the act of it all left an indelible mark on me it was where everyone was able to be present, forgetting about all the troubles of the day.”  


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In 2013, Marquita started How I Grew Today as a platform to hold herself accountable for being present and mindful in her daily life.   

“It was really a place where I could check in daily and stop distracting myself from my life.”

Her desire to live as the full expression of herself, to release the past, grow, heal her heart from the wounds of life, and inspire others to do the same is the DNA of How I Grew Today. HIGT is a space curated for healing, spiritual maturing, and exploring the things you love in your life.  

“I’ve finally reached a space in my life where I embrace boldly everything about me; I am free to be me.

How I Grew Today has helped me see myself, and when we can honestly see ourselves, we allow ourselves to be transformed, and our transformation doesn’t just help us. Our healing and growth are not just for us; it's for everyone that connects with us.”

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